tall tees for tall mens and tall skinny guys by Navas Lab

About Crowe and Drake: Men's Bamboo Cotton Tall Slim Tees and V-Necks

*Crowe and Drake are now our best-selling tees ever!*

Navas Crowe crew neck tall tees and Drake v-neck tall tees are back in stock and introducing new colours Milano red and Juniper green! We are overdue to deliver a green tee!

Navas initially started making tall slim tees because tees are a consistent pain point for tall guys. Most tees are typically too short or way too wide and blocky or made from an unreliable material that shrinks right away.

tall tees for tall skinny guys by Navas Lab

How many of you bought a concert tee in your youth only to have it shrink beyond unwearable after the first wash even though you'd washed it in cold water? As a teen this was heartbreaking. Navas set out to produce reliable tall tees that hard-to-fit tall guys could come back to year after year.

One of our first products after tall hoodies was the tee. Of course we wanted to use bamboo material and make it tall and slim. Something to fit the 6 foot plus guy who isn't in the NFL. 

The Crowe crew neck tall tee and Drake v-neck tall tee are made from the same great bamboo cotton material in the same slim fit. These tees are already designed to fit the tall size; we don't offer a "regular fit" length tee. 

Navas produces a range of tees to fit tall slim guys, all manufactured sustainably right here in Vancouver BC. 

tall slim tees for tall skinny guys reviews for Navas Lab

Navas tall slim tees


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