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4 Vancouver Patios for Your Next Day Off

Unwinding in this city is tough when it’s all about finding your next job opportunity, searching for that next place to live, or connecting with new people (in our notoriously unfriendly town).

In an active city with active people, it’s important to stop and take a second to smell the roses. Since sunshine and socializing go hand in hand, we're going to help you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening in Vancity.

Are you getting tired of waiting 40 minutes to get a table at Tap and Barrel? Does Catcus Club seem a little played out? It definitely gets tiring asking Siri for “the best place to get a drink” and listening to her list every local watering hole in the City of Vancouver - and Yelp isn’t any help at all, with recommendations to places that closed up shop back in 2011.

Every worthwhile spot in Vancouver gets based off word of mouth. But where do the people in the know find out about them in the first place? Read on, my young padawan. Be one of the few by throwing these great outside-the-mainstream patios into your mental rolodex.  

The Wicklow - 610 Stamps Landing


Looking to breathe sea air without needing to tattoo an anchor onto your bicep? The Wicklow has picturesque patio seating where you can take in the hustle and bustle of the Georgia Straight, sip a cold beer, and enjoy the sun’s rays. They’ve got a killer happy hour for appies and drinks, so aim to get here for a piece of afternoon delight before the rest of the crowd does. And when you’ve wrapped up here, you can hop on the nearby Aquabus to head into Yaletown for our next patio...

Brix and Mortar - 1138 Homer St.


If you’re looking more for a feeding ground than a beer or two, you’ve found it in Brix and Mortar. The visuals in this place are striking, and the patio is exquisite. It’s less a “hanging with #theboys” and more of a “me and #mygirl” kind of place. Hit this spot up if you want to take a date somewhere special but keep the evening open for more. They’ve got fancy cocktails and a few local draught specials that make even a simple night out seem refined and polished.

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The Kingston - 755 Richards St.


Don’t let the newer, abrasive sign fool you. Once you make it through the doors, this place is like the pubs and bars you see in old British movies. The one difference is that in the back they’ve got not one, but two patio levels with enough seats for a CFL team, their wives, and alllllll their mistresses. Don’t let all the construction outside deter you (what has this been, like 3 years perpetually?), it’s a vibe worth taking the construction detour.

The Narrow - 1898 Main St.

The Narrow

This place can be a needle in a haystack to find because it doesn’t have a sign - you’ve got to look for the red light shining at the side of CondoBed around Main St. and 3rd, near an antique-looking gate. Walking through the door looks like you’re traveling through a heavy metal hallway to Hell, but after you bust through the skeezy entrance, you’re met with a bar with both the moody visuals and surprising warmth of an early Tim Burton movie. When you first walk in the vibe is dark and dingey and your eyes will have to adjust to the darkness, but keep walking  - you get to grace a beautiful tiki-themed patio, where you can feel the art scene breeze waft over you all night long.

It’s easy to forget where your free time goes, so roll into one of these 4 patios and be punctual when the clock reads beer o’clock.

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