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Sustainable Materials | Made In Canada

Asuntoauton hattu

Asuntoauton hattu

Normaalihinta $21.00 USD
Normaalihinta $43.00 USD Alennushinta $21.00 USD
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5-paneelihattu, yksinkertainen ja raikas, vaatekaapin perusvaruste. Nyt tehty täällä eKr.


On harvinaista, että asiat toimivat näin hyvin, sillä kävi ilmi, että naapurimme Richmond BC:ssä valmistavat jo parhaan 5-paneelin asuntoauton hatun. Lisäksi teimme matkailuhattumme kestävästä ripstop-kankaasta, joka hengittää. Se sopii täydellisesti myös tyylikkään säädettävän selkänojan kanssa. Tervetuloa urbaaniin esitykseen camper hat 5 -paneelimme avulla!

Pidetäänkö asia yksinkertaisena? Valmis!


  • 5-paneelirakenne
  • Funktionaalinen säädettävä selkänoja
  • Ommeltu merkkietiketti
  • Prototyyppi 6'6" perustajallemme ennen markkinoille tuloa
  • Suunniteltu ja valmistettu Vancouverissa, BC

Navas Lab Apparel for tall slim guys, made in Vancouver Canada

  • 100 % puuvilla ripstop
  • Yksi ​​koko säädettävä


  • 100% cotton ripstop
  • 5-panel construction
  • Functional adjustable back
  • Sewn branded label
  • Designed and Made in Canada


One size adjustable

Care Instructions

At Navas Lab, our clothing is made intentionally to keep its shape for years and keep you at the top of your style game.

Your Navas Lab clothing is durable and resilient for how you wear it.

  • Toss in the wash on cold water with like colors
  • Hang to dry, wear & repeat for years
  • Do not bleach or use fabric softener
  • Do not iron or dry clean
  • For good measure ... close zippers before washing


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Made In Canada

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What is my Navas size?
Because there are different types of Tall, at Navas we have two options for shirts: (1) “Regular” Tall typically for men 6’ - 6’5” and (2) “Extra” Tall for men 6’6” - 6’9”+. Please check out our Fit Guide for details on all our clothing. Both your measurements and preference for fit are factors and should you desire assistance, reach out to our stylist at
Can I wear a Navas tee to the gym?
Our tees are great for the gym because your sweat doesn’t mean you have to stink as well (bamboo is anti-odor, whew). We make every item at Navas with versatility in mind … wear it to the gym, tees under a sport jacket or blazer, with jeans, under a vest or peacoat, on the golf course or at the office. And, our joggers and lounge pants give you style when you are not trying.
Is Navas clothing good for travel?
Navas is soft, comfy, and defies wrinkles. You can step off the plane and throw a blazer over one of our tees and not only will you look stylish with ease, but you won’t stink either (another shout out to Bamboo on being anti-odor).
Where do you design and make Navas?
Every item is proudly designed and made in our backyard of Vancouver, British Columbia (add red maple leaf here).
Is Navas vegan?
Yes, all our materials are vegan. Navas - the cat - is an obligate carnivore, however.