Who Said Casual Can't Be Classy? Try our James Polo Shirt!

Who Said Casual Can't Be Classy? Try our James Polo Shirt!

A polo shirt (or collared shirt) aren’t what they used to be and can be very versatile for men! Not only are they comfortable, but with a little creativity, they can make a bold fashion-statement when they are dressed up or down. If you’re attending a formal event or just want a stylish outfit for everyday wear, a collared shift can be a great choice. We’re going to jump into three ways you can wear our James polo shirt – from work to beach to wedding.


1. Stay On-Trend at Work

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For as long as we can remember, ‘casual fridays’ was a thing in the professional work-world. Every Friday, employees were allowed to dress casual to celebrate the start of the weekend. But, we have evolved, and men aren’t wearing the traditional suit and tie anymore, yet they still want to dress professionally. Say hello to our James polo, the work-ready Navas Lab polo.

Nothing beats the classic, crisp-white collared shirt, paired with dress pants and a suit jacket, or worn with belted jeans and a blazer. Right there, you have two office-ready outfits already! Our slim-fit design allows you to wear these polo’s under blazers or sweaters comfortably, without any bunching, and our anti-sweat bamboo-cotton material keeps sweat to a minimum while keeping you cool and comfortable. Even for those Zoom-ready calls, throwing on a polo at home is a surefire way to keep the call professional!


2. Easy & Breezy

Do you want uber-relaxed? Our collared shirt is very easily paired with sneakers or slip-ons and a casual blazer. Did you see our last blog on packing for Spring Break? Might as well throw a couple of our easy-to-pack and hard-to-wrinkle polos in your suitcase, because they are great for outdoor concerts, weekend events and even a date-night with your partner. Pair our charcoal polo with a belt and topped with a denim jacket for a trendy, yet dressed-up look. 

Are you going to play a few rounds of golf? Most courses have a dress-code and a collared-shirt is required - problem solved with our James polo! (By the way, we recently shared a blog about a few of our favorite courses - check it out here!)

3. Make a Formal Statement

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Wearing a polo shirt to a wedding can be a great way to look sharp and be comfortable at the same time. Our classic fit ensures that you keep that sophisticated look, yet feel relaxed and comfortable (as you can see, comfort is a trend for us). Our classic white polo is easily dressed-up for a more formal occasion, such as a wedding or business convention.

There are always styles that will be timeless and a polo shirt is one of them!


Find Your Casual - Formal

At Navas Lab, our clothing is designed using colors that are timeless and subtle - that can be paired with almost everything. Our shirts are a great backdrop for accessorizing with a bold, colorful tie or trendy blazer if the occasion calls for it. With so many different ways to style it, the collared shirt is a must-have for any man's wardrobe.

Need some assistance with sizing? Check out our charts here.

Let us know how comfortable and versatile our polo is by sending us an email or leaving a comment on a recent Instagram post - we take customer feedback to heart!

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