Tall Tales: Navigating Fashion as a Heightened Gentleman

Tall Tales: Navigating Fashion as a Heightened Gentleman

Sometimes, we are in a class of our own, “tall guy problems” we like to say. Shopping for clothes is either really great or really frustrating. With longer limbs and a larger stature, it can be difficult to find items that are both comfortable and fit well. This struggle can be especially frustrating when it comes to the ‘essentials’ like shirts, pants, and sweaters.

At Navas Lab, we ‘Honour Your Height’ and can ease all of your shopping woes. Here are a few of the common concerns we hear when it comes to shopping for tall men!


Limited Availability & Style

The average height for men in Canada, according to Healthline, is 5 feet 10 inches (read all the stats here), which means a lot of clothing designers and manufacturers are using that standard when they produce their clothes. That leaves us tall gents often faced with limited availability in those larger sizes, and not only limited in quantities but also in the styles we have to choose from.

One of the biggest annoyances we hear is; “I only found one or two styles I like that fit well, but then I can never find my size!”. Allow us to solve this problem; Navas sizes their apparel using our standard, the Tall Size Chart, that fits the tall guy over 6’2” and under 250 lbs. It's pretty important for the fashion industry to recognize and customize the needs of all individuals, including those of us with tall stature. Agreed?


Fit Matters

Here is the ultimate test… aside from finding clothes that fit well… is finding clothes that aren’t too short in the arms or legs. Looking polished is a hard feat when it looks like you’re wearing shirts and pants that have been shrunk! Not to mention, it’s uncomfortable and unflattering.

The same happens when you find something that fits well in the arms and chest, except it feels like you’re wearing a crop-top. Men, I know you can feel this -  let’s leave those crop tops for the ladies, am I right?
We take away that feeling of self-consciousness and offer you our “T-fit”; if you need more length, the ’T’ option adds 2 inches to your sleeve and body length: MT, LT, XLT, XXLT.

Our Billy long sleeve fleece is a standard crewneck design and comes in all nine sizes (S - XXLT). Have a look at this review from a happy customer about the fit;

A whole new world

“I am writing this review for my husband, whom I purchased the shirt for. I have told some friends that I wish that I had filmed his initial try-on because his face said it all. He was genuinely so excited and also shocked by what he was wearing. A shirt... a shirt that actually fit. He could raise his arms and not see his wrists. He could reach for the sky and have no fear of his shirt riding up. He loves it, and so do I.”

Fit matters and makes such a difference in how you look and feel in your clothes, so we design with that in mind, to ensure clothes fit perfectly every time.


The Price You Pay

It’s not uncommon for tall men to experience higher prices when shopping for clothing, particularly in specialty stores that cater to height. Sometimes this is reflective of production roles, because clothing in larger or non-standard sizes can be more costly for manufacturers.

Our philosophy at Navas Lab isn’t to pay for the fit, but to provide excellent quality, sustainable, Canadian-made and produced clothing for men that are tall. It’s that simple.

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