Swing into Action - Our Favorite Courses to Golf in BC

Swing into Action - Our Favorite Courses to Golf in BC

Where we’re located in Vancouver, Canada, spring is in full swing! As some of you get ready to pause from the Canadian climate, others will be gearing up for golf season here in British Columbia.

Golf is such a timeless sport… one that’s been enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities for centuries. Not only is it a great way to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and exercise, but it also lends an enjoyable social experience, if the person enjoying it has patience and a good stroke!

From the challenge of mastering a tricky approach shot to the joy of sinking a long putt, golf can be a source of joy (and sometimes relaxation) that can be enjoyed in spring, summer and if we’re lucky, into fall, in British Columbia. Here are a few of the courses we like.


Par for the Course

golf in BC

If you have ample time and good stamina, the golf courses in greater Vancouver, Vancouver Island (Victoria) and surrounding areas are plentiful! One of our favorites is the Meadow Garden Golf Course just east of Vancouver in Pitt Meadows.

This 18-hole course has some challenging holes and like many in the BC region you “must like water” because on the 18th hole the cup is on an island! But, the fairways are nice and open and the course is very-well maintained and kept. The backdrop for the course is also pretty outstanding, namely that signature 18th hole that has a stunning backdrop of Golden Ears Mountain.

Non-golf talk - the food is great and the service and staff are equally great. We always pop into The Wedge Bar & Grill after a round for our congratulatory beer and a burger – world famous by the way! The Wedge is open to the public and makes a picturesque patio location on a warm evening. The course is both members and public, so if you’re ever in the area and get a chance, check them out!


Head to the Interior for Golf

golf in BC 

Tucked in and surrounded by the Purcell Mountains, the Greywolf Golf Course is a one-of-a-kind course and ranked very high as a top course in Canada. If you’ve been to Panorama, then you know the beauty in that area in both the winter and the summer and nothing beats a round in that mountain setting.

The course itself is immaculate and with those fast greens, it needs to be! A lot of elevation on this 18-hole as well, which can make for some interesting bets among friends. We don't want to spoil which hole is it, but there is that one that makes you say “WOW” and aside from that, it’s pretty straight-forward (which is the way your ball should go!)

To grab a bite after a round, both the Shack and the Cliffhanger are open year-round. The food is the same at both, but the ambiance is different – and if you’re visiting to golf then we’d recommend a patio spot so you can enjoy the views! Be warned… the times we have played at Greywolf we have always been warned to watch out for bears!


Small Town Golf

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If you’re adventuring through the mountains or on your way to Banff or Calgary, then you’ve likely driven through Golden, BC. With a population of just over 3,700, Golden has a golf club and it’s a pretty fun spot! The Golden Golf Club is a 18-hole course that has a lot of history behind it. Back in 1935, the golf club was first formed and in 1962 the 5-hole course was incorporated as a non-profit society, which it still continues under this designation today!

The course is well-maintained, green can be a little challenging and the views are top-notch. The staff and food at the Club is great too. We like to think of this course as a hidden gem, so if you ever get the opportunity to uncover this secret spot, we highly recommend it. And for anyone with summer plans in the RV, the golf club is adjacent to an RV park so you can park it and ‘drive’!


Birdie or Bust

We hope while you’re on a vacation or a business-trip you can swing into any of these courses to give them a try! If you do, please send us an email and tell us your thoughts on the course you played, we’d love to talk golf! At Navas Lab, we build our community (and clothing) with activity and leisure at the fore-front - subscribe to our email list now to find out when our 2023 Tall Guy Polo’s launch.

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