The Tall Guys Guide to “Comfy”

The Tall Guys Guide to “Comfy”

Is your stature a little above average? Being tall can be both a blessing and a bother, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! Our tall guy’s guide to finding comfort will highlight a few of our favorite brands that will keep you comfortable – from clothing choices to keeping you relaxed at night, our guide will help you find the balance between looking good and feeling great.   


Navas Lab - the Canadian Way

As a Canadian company, we know that Canadian-made products play an important part of our economy and are a great way to support local businesses and communities. Sustainable Canadian-made products are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind, with a focus on renewable resources, energy efficiency and waste reduction.

So how does Navas Lab reduce the footprint? To start, currently 60% of our products are manufactured using (Canadian-milled) bamboo. With bamboo, the crop requires a fraction of the water required than cotton and can be harvested multiple times per year whereas cotton is harvested once a year. Also, bamboo doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides so further reduces impact on groundwater and runoff. It fixes nitrogen so the soil isn’t depleted after each crop and bamboo is a very practical crop!

In keeping with sustainability, we’ve set a corporate objective to design and produce our clothes for a ‘long-wear lifecycle’. A well-made and high quality product is one a consumer will purchase less often. At Navas Lab, we make classic styles in versatile, functional colors that FIT better and FEEL better; these are products you can wear year after year, especially if they’re well cared for.

We understand, as men that have been graciously given height, how hard it can be to find those high-quality, essential pieces for your wardrobe and that’s where we FIT into your closet. Reducing our environmental footprint AND designing tall mens clothing because, “we get it”!


What Does Your Sole Say

Another Canadian brand we love and respect how their products “support” us… is Vessi Footwear. These lightweight, trendy and waterproof shoes are prodigious and because we’re both Vancouverites, we speak each other's language. If you’ve been to the West Coast of British Columbia, then you understand how much rain we get!

Vessi shoes are a dream come true for walking, running and splashing around in those puddles and yes, they are 100% waterproof. Mom’s, take note; you can shop Vessi’s children's line and absolutely let your kids splash to their hearts desire without the worry of soggy socks and cold feet. What a win! And gentleman (tall guys take note), Vessi has men’s sizing up to size 14!

So how do waterproof shoes fit into a sustainability model? One of the other ways Vessi speaks our language is how they source their materials and manufacture those amazing shoes, while promoting a healthier planet.

Vessi shoes are vegan and they’ve patented their Dyma-tex technology that is engineered with thousands of nano-sized pores small enough to keep water out while letting sweat and heat escape, and without any use of  harsh chemicals, coatings, or sprays! Pretty amazing right? I know you probably have more questions so you can check out their FAQ here.


This is Where Dreams are Made

This is where the magic happens… Did you know, on average a person will spend ⅓ of their lifetime asleep! So what do they do the rest of the time? …allow us to introduce you to Hush, a Canadian company that focuses the rest of their time on …sleep! From weighted blankets to mattresses and everything else you need to melt away stress and snooze, Hush has you covered!

We’ve been following this company for years and since their success on Dragon’s Den, we’ve added the Hush Ice blanket to our collection and can honestly say, sleep has improved! The best news – the blankets come in a variety of sizes (yes tall guys - we’re talking to you too) and they’re made with bamboo so very similar to our sustainability model. Hush investigates all of their fabric manufacturers carefully for ethical practices, both in labor and sustainability.

Hush sheets are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning they're totally free of toxic chemicals, which is great news for consumers and our Mother Earth. Are you as curious as we were? If you head over to their site, you can take their quiz to find out what blanket is best for your lifestyle AND if you’re not satisfied, they have a 100-day money back guarantee. Pretty awesome guys!


Green and Comfy

Nothing lasts forever and over time, everyday wear-and-tear plays a role in depletion. We’re not biased, but Canadian-made products are designed to last longer so they require less maintenance AND use fewer resources over time. Pair that with biodegradable products and we’re all investing in a healthier future! 

We’re proud to be Canadian and support other local and sustainable businesses to help promote economic growth and reduce the environmental footprint.  If you have any other suggestions on Canadian brands we should check out, please send us an email and let us know!




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