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We started the Navas in 2015 to address a number of things we saw in the market:

1. To Serve Long Fit Athletic People.

We all know a guy who has to size up to get the sleeve length he needs. Most brands would have you think that people get incredibly wide as they get taller. In reality most people just get slimmer as they get taller. We are creating some new options.

2. Local Vancouver Manufacturing.

We want to make premium apparel in Vancouver. We don't feel the need to involve international shipping companies in our dream to make quality apparel. We like designing and sampling quickly with people we know, people we can drive across town to meet.

3. Simple Wearing.

Our products are simple and elegant, focussing on fit, style and cut. Simple apparel that has more of what you want and less of what you don't need. The clothes should speak for themselves.

Navas Made in Vancouver
about navas lab
Amanda Marie

Amanda Marie

Amanda Marie has been tattooing professionally for 15 years. Her apprenticeship under Shane Faulkner reinforced the importance of versatility between styles. Amanda’s incredible custom tattoo work is informed by her fine arts training, passion for graffiti art and love of alternative media. She has traveled the world showcasing her work and has been featured in several international tattoo publications. Amanda Marie operates The TellTale Heart Tattoo & Gallery in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Wes Jaya

Abang Wesley Wayne Jaya is a professional Muaythai fighter with a career record of 54-15 and an MMA record of 3-1. Wes is the head Muaythai coach at WesGatos Muaythai in Malaysia.

While living in Thailand Wes maintained a 5-1 record at the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium. Wes has been featured on TV7 Thailand and has fought in New Zealand, Korea, China, USA and Canada. Wes has coached at Sitnumnoi Singpatong (Thailand) and Juggernaut Fight Club in Singapore.



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