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About Navas Lab

If you’re over 6’2”, and under 250, you know the drill: when you walk into a store you’re instantly sized up by salespeople, and sent to the fitting room with an armful of unpromising items.

There, the old story still applies: shoulders fit fine, arms are too short.

Arms are the right length, body is too wide. Waist is perfect, legs are flood-ready. Length is great, except you’re now wearing clown pants.

It’s sounds laughable that a tall, slim man would struggle to find clothing.

But it’s legit. Not to belabour the point because, hello, male privilege - but it sucks. It’s alienating. And it’s a nuisance.

We’re a Vancouver-based apparel company that’s committed to removing that tall-guy nuisance from your life forever.

We’re also interested in a few other elements of your life:

#1 - Your Wallet

Unfortunately, as tall, slender humans, we often find ourselves laying down the Benjamins just to feel normal in our clothes. Our goal is, and will always be, to have you put on a piece of our clothing, say holy shit because it fits so well.



2 - Your Performance

You may have noticed that we have an affinity for what’s simple, streamlined, and to the point.

Our clothes are designed for your real life - they’re unfussy and elegant, made to last with high-quality fabrics, and purposefully devoid of the bells and whistles that ultimately just slow you down.

We want you to get on your bike in the morning and know that you’re dressed for the day - no matter where you end up.

#3 - Your Environment

There’s no way around it: the current state of fashion has a devastating effect on the environment.

Alongside our no-nonsense approach to design, we’ve adopted a conscious business model and growth structure:

  • We make nearly everything in Canada, and in Vancouver whenever possible. We will never use sweatshop labour, period.
  • We create what you really need, with the kind of quality that’ll last. We’re not interested in lining landfills.
  • We use bamboo because it’s one of the most sustainable fabrics out there (and it’s comfy as hell).
  • We are completely, utterly hands on - which means we’re present to every step of the process, and can make responsible decisions every time.

Tall Origins

As a 6’6” west-coaster, I’d tried it all: the big retail outlets, the outdoor equipment stores, the specialty shops… nothing fit. I was swimming in a sea of short sleeves and flood pants, and all I wanted was something comfortable that fit my Vancity lifestyle (where you go from the office to the trails, then out for beers in the same hoodie).

My sister, who’d witnessed my #tallguyproblems her whole life, had a revolutionary suggestion in 2014: quit the corporate gig, stop complaining, and create the solution.

We teamed up and took the leap, and the result of our problem-solving is the carefully curated selection of hoodies, t-shirts, jackets and board shorts you find on these pages.

Not a Tall Guy? Not a Problem

To pause from the tall-guy rant for a moment: we make regular sizes, too. We realized early on that the the streamlined, comfortable designs we were bringing to life appealed to all shapes and sizes. You can find the standard range of sizes for each of our pieces; we just go the extra length (get it?) for the tall ones among us.

What's A Navas?

Navas is the name of our cat.

Being a family-owned business means you can do cool shit like name things after your pets, but, we assure you, the name goes much deeper than our admitted cat fanaticism.

Navas is a play on the word Navigator, a concept we apply to all of our products. We want to create things that are done differently, that chart a new course, and that help you live your life in the same limitless way.

My sister and I have always been explorers, seekers, and cautious risk-takers. We’re interested in finding a new way, always. And when you wear our clothes, we hope to inspire you to do the same.



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