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Sam & Dan: Beach Volleyball Olympics Journey

When we think about the community at Navas we think about giving back, connection and relationships.  We’re passionate about living an active lifestyle is a large part of what we do here but we also love to support our Canadian athletes.

We've chosen to sponsor Beach Volleyball athletes Sam Schachter and Dan Dearing and their journey to qualify for and represent Canada at the 2024 Olympics in Paris, all while enjoying the comfort of their favourite Navas outfits during travels and competitions around the globe.

You too can support Sam + Dan! Upon checkout just add “Sam+Dan” to your Navas order and Navas will donate 10% of your purchase to Sam + Dan. Most do not realize that athletes in many sports in Canada, including beach volleyball, largely bootstrap their Olympic journeys, and since competitions are in every corner on the globe, it requires a lot of financial resources … we are honored to help.


Meet Sam & Dan

Sam and Dan are captivating not just in their 6’6” physical appearances but also the way they show up and tell stories of the ups and downs, and celebrations and disappointments of being professional athletes. Their Sandcast podcast interview (released March 2023) was especially inspiring. As they discussed their current journey, past experiences, and future plans as athletes, it felt like you were sitting right beside your best friends. These two athletes are exceptional human beings and we want everyone to get to know them!

sam & dan

Sam Schachter is the longest standing member of the men's Canadian beach volleyball program as a member since 2008. He started his career as a Junior World Champion in 2010, placed 5th at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto, and brought home silver from both the 2018 and 2021 Commonwealth Games. Sam has 4 international FIVB medals to his name, is known as one of the top defenders in the world, and is working towards becoming one of very few Canadians with repeat Olympic appearances.

When Sam is not on the court he spends his time giving back to the community as Head Coach of the George Brown College men's volleyball program, as well as coaching his own personal clinics and private beach volleyball sessions.

sam & dan

Dan Dearing was first a member of Team Canada from 2008-2015. He has 4 international medals and 2 National Championships to his name while competing in over 30 international events. During his journey to qualify for the Rio Olympics, Dan suffered near career-ending injuries that forced him to step away from the sport (he talks about it all on this podcast interview - it’s an incredible story!). Taking time to focus on rehab and recovery, Dan has worked tirelessly over the last 6 years with one goal in mind - to partner with Sam and make his dream of becoming an Olympian his reality. Currently a member of Team Canada, Dan has successfully integrated himself back into the sport as one of Canada's most dominant blockers.

Dan also gives back to the community as a coach through Phoenix volleyball, adult clinic coach, and through his iBelieve initiative aimed at supporting disadvantaged youth through sport.

sam & dan

Why Navas Chose Sam & Dan

For us, it was an easy decision to sponsor Sam & Dan. They are first and foremost, wonderful human beings that care about their communities and how they show up for Canada around the globe, but they also are great role models. It’s very easy to see: they care about stuff that really matters, both on and off the beach volleyball court. They also just happen to be incredible athletes that jump, stretch and bend in ways you never thought possible.

The first time we spoke with them about Navas sponsoring them, it was immediately evident they aligned with our brand’s ethos (and bonus, they love that we make clothes that actually fit them!). Sam + Dan are wonderful ambassadors for our brand and we love supporting their journey to the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Take the opportunity to get to know them via their Instagram feeds: Sam and Dan. Have we mentioned yet that they are hilarious?! Get ready to laugh, and be inspired.

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