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Gifts That Measure Up: Navas Lab Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mothers… aunts, sisters, grandmothers – the women are the backbone of a family. Their unwavering love and support deserve to be celebrated every day, however Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your love and appreciation for the leading lady in your life - and what better way to do that than with a heartfelt experience.

If you’re anything like us (men in general, right?) and you’ve forgotten to plan ahead, we’re here to help with our Mother's Day Guide to give you some ideas on what you can shop for, or DO with her, to treat that special woman in your life.

mother's day guide

If you’re out and about enjoying the sunshine and breeze off the ocean around Kitsilano Beach in our Bishop hoodie pullover, bring your mom and pop into Saje Natural Wellness off 4th Avenue W. Saje is a well-known Vancouver-based company that specializes in natural wellness products and we have yet to meet a woman that doesn’t love scents and natural oils.

They offer a wide range of products, including essential oils, diffusers and body care products all made from natural ingredients and free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

It sure is getting warm doing all of this walking… good thing ‘layering’ is a thing! Under your Bishop pullover you’re sporting the Navas Lab Crowe bamboo-cotton tee, which is perfect for working up a sweat while still staying cool.

A few blocks over from Saje, let your mom choose something sweet for her day and visit Gem Chocolates, because we don’t know any woman that will turn down chocolates! This Vancouver-based small artisanal chocolate shop is known for their exquisite handmade chocolates. They use only the highest quality ingredients (local ingredients whenever they can), such as honey and herbs to add unique flavors and textures to their treats. They are made by-hand and with the heart.

mother's day guide

If you’re celebrating in the evening, then throw on our Mads tall pant (or our Blaine tall jogger if you’re more casual) and bring mom to Twisted Fork for some sharing plates and a drink! If you go on a Thursday it’s happy hour all night long (you’re welcome)!

After a few nibbles, you might feel like stretching your legs and walking around Stanley Park! Enjoy all of the natural beauty and take a leisurely stroll around the seawall or gear-up in your Mac 2.0 long-sleeve crew shirt and explore the park's many trails! It’s our athletic-fit top, stretchy and super breathable, perfect for winter and early spring.

Toasting in Vancouver: Treat Mom to a Delicious Meal

Weekend date? Vancouver is renowned for its diverse culinary scene, and brunch is no exception. If you're looking to pamper with a scrumptious Mother's Day brunch, Vancouver's spots are the way to go! From classic breakfast fare to innovative fusion dishes, here are some of Vancouver’s top brunch spots to experience and show your mom how much she means!

mother's day guide

Show up to brunch in our Hawkins tall hoodie and Blain tall joggers and dive into Medina Café's famous Belgian waffles and hearty brunch bowls. A must-try for brunch enthusiasts, this cafe provides the BEST Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and connoisseur-savvy coffee in Van!

If you’re looking for more of a classic-diner style then look no further than Fable Diner - a popular brunch spot located in the Kitsilano neighborhood. Throw on our Drake v-neck tee and enjoy the diner-style atmosphere that features booth and counter seating, retro decor and such a lively atmosphere.

The menu at Fable Diner is inspired by classic diner fare, but with a modern twist and the dishes are made with locally-sourced ingredients (with vegetarian and vegan options).

Quality Time: The Best Gift You Can Give

When it comes to Mother's Day, there's something special about spending quality time with your Mom, sister, grandmother, aunt, etc.. After all, what a woman really wants is to feel loved and appreciated, and that's something that can't always be bought. Of course, that's not to say that gifts aren't appreciated, but they’re not always sustainable either. The memories you create together will last a lifetime, and that special lady in your life will feel cherished and loved.

We hope these suggestions come in handy when you’re stuck on ideas! At Navas Lab, we value sustainability and sustainable practices and we all know a mom who seems to have everything, making gift-giving a challenge. So instead of adding to a collection of things, consider giving the gift of an experience and it also supports our economy and local businesses! If you ever have any questions or just want to say “hey, thanks for the tips!” drop us a note.

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