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Love is all around us...

Made for tall men by tall men who get it.


And, in February at Navas...

Navas Lab is here to elevate premium styles for tall guys everywhere

Tailored fit for tall guys

You have finally found the perfect fit that loves your Height

Our first mens tall hoodies and tall pants in French Terry made with length!

Made to fit tall size men


Based in Vancouver, we locally make high-quality clothes for tall men especially designed for skinny tall guys.

We’re here for tall guys in need of tall clothing

Our mission: The perfect fit for tall guys

Our mission is simple. We design and manufacture the perfect fit for taller men everywhere. If you’re over 6 foot guy + and under 250lbs, you belong to an elite community of tall and slim men. Just because you're a tall mens doesn't mean you have to settle for clothes that are too short or excessively loose. We cater to the tall size man that may be tall and skinny or simply a tall fit man. You deserve a fit made for your body and Navas Lab has the perfect tall men's clothing, designed by tall guys who get it. We hope you enjoy them!

What Tall Size Navas Customers Say

I'm 6'6" tall with a lean athletic built and all my life has been a struggle to find clothes that fit and where the sleeves are long enough. Well, that's no longer a problem. With Navas I found not only a brand fits perfectly and is not baggy like Big & Tall (where it looks like you're wearing a trash bag!) but is also extremely comfortable to wear (made out of bamboo). I wear it in the gym but also casual. Thank you Navas!!

Paul D
Height: 6'6"
Size: LT
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Everything about this brand and its clothes amaze me. Super comfortable and soft wear. Fits perfectly.

Sharone V
Height: 6'9''
Size: LT
Location: Ravenna, Italy

6'7" - 210lbs - XLT - Hands down the best fitting sweatshirt I've ever owned. Received it 7 days ago and have worn it every day since. No more need to push the cuffs of my shirt up on my forearms to make the length feel right. Super comfortable as well. Could not be happier and will order one in every color just to have back ups.

Lloyd B
Height: 6'7''
Size: XLT
Location: Arlington, MA