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New Product: Navas Corian Mix Heather Tall Tees and V-necks!

Navas Corian Mix material is a new option for our tall v-necks and tall crew neck t-shirts. More structured and a little heavier than our bamboo cotton option, Corian Mix is a new mix of synthetic fibers, viscose and spandex that is still OEKO-TEX friendly and available in amazing heather options for your favourite tall slim t-shirts and v-necks.

What Height is Considered Tall?

What does being tall really mean for men and women? What factors contribute to your height and do you have any actual control over how tall you are?

Pilates is a Solution for Tall Guys

People don't get old because they get slow. It's because they allow themselves to get slow that they get old. Keeping doing stuff is good for you. Having a loving relationship with being able to do stuff will keep you young longer. Being 50 years old with a belly and...

6'6" Tall Rider's Custom Gravel-Cross Tall Bike Profile

Bike manufacturers realize that adjusting geometry for every size isn't cost effective since the bulk of bikes sold are Medium and Large. XS/S and XL+ can just make do with poorly fitting bikes because it's an inconvenience for bike companies to do otherwise. Smaller or taller riders are an inconvenience. Custom...

Thoughts From Tall Guy, Brian Lee: Training, Mental and Physical Health

Our Navas influencer, Brian Lee, is a 6'2'' Crossfit competitor and fitness enthusiast! He's passionate about physical and mental health.

Navas Tall Man Profile: Daniel Jansen Van Doorn, Olympian Volleyball Player

Meet one of our Navas Ambassadors! Daniel Jansen Van Doorn is an olympian volleyball player who stands tall for honesty, integrity, positivity.

Tall Man Travels: Rudy Verhoeff

For the month of March, Navas is exploring stories around, 'Tall Travels.' Rudy Verhoeff is a 6'5'' Olympian for volleyball.  He 's traveled far and wide.  Here's what he had to say!