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Navas Tall Man Profile: Daniel Jansen Van Doorn, Olympian Volleyball Player

Meet one of our Navas Ambassadors! Daniel Jansen Van Doorn is an olympian volleyball player who stands tall for honesty, integrity, positivity.

Tall Man Travels: Rudy Verhoeff

For the month of March, Navas is exploring stories around, 'Tall Travels.' Rudy Verhoeff is a 6'5'' Olympian for volleyball.  He 's traveled far and wide.  Here's what he had to say!

Navas Tall Man Profile: Austin Hendrickson, Fitness Enthusiast

Meet one of our Navas Ambassadors, Austin Hendrickson.  Austin stands tall for compassion, positivity and genuineness!  He has an incredible passion for fitness and health!

Navas Tall Man Profile: Alex Kopacz, Olympian Bobsleigh

Meet one of our Navas Ambassadors! He's a  2018 Olympian champion for the 2-man bobsleigh.  Alex Kopacz stands tall for justice, fairness and integrity!  

Navas Tall Man Profile: Paul Duke, Artist and Athlete

Meet one of our Navas Brand Ambassadors: Paul Duke stands tall for no surrender, no prisoners! He tries to be good for the little people which in his case is almost everybody.  Mens Sana in Corpore Sano!

Navas Tall Man Profile: Aaron Winstone, Firefighter in Training

Tell us about yourself in <200 words I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, but have lived in Vancouver for the last 10+ years. I grew up playing many sports, before finally deciding my height and abilities best suited volleyball, both indoors and on the beach. I finished university...

Bamboo is Pretty Awesome for Tall Men's Clothing!

6 Reasons Bamboo Makes Great Clothing Material What are the benefits of bamboo clothing?  Here are 6 of the top reasons it makes great clothing material.

Tall Men's Clothing - Activewear Tips

Three of the best items for a tall man's activewear kit. Some tips on what three items you need and the fabric choices you need to make.