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Spotlight: Ridley - The Softshell Jacket You Can Punch An Alien In

by Jen Doan |

With the release of Alien Covenant coming up this Friday, we thought we’d take this moment to write about a very special piece of clothing close to our hearts: our Ridley softshell jacket. And before you ask, no – the jacket isn’t named after the movie's visionary director Ridley Scott – but we bet he’d look damn good in one.

With films like Blade Runner, Gladiator, Alien, and The Martian under his belt, Ridley Scott has to be dressed for some pretty serious conditions. Our Ridley jacket is ready for both windy interplanetary missions, and watery fights against the alien queen. Being both water and wind resistant, this jacket is suitable for any weather conditions the real world or a fictitious one may throw at you. Just try to keep from spilling alien blood on it, we’re still not sure if it’s acid resistant.

Move over Ryan Reynolds and Joshua Jackson, because our jacket is something of a local celebrity. Like those two famous actors mentioned, the Ridley jacket is produced right here in Vancouver, BC. Quality standards are managed in-house so you know you’re buying a quality Canadian-made garment. When you purchase a quality garment that’s been manufactured locally, you don’t have to worry about poor working conditions – we’re very different here from Alien 3’s prison homeworld of Fiorina 161.

Aliens are big deadly creatures and you’re going to need something strong to take them on. Our Ridley jacket is made with a breathable, midweight softshell material that keeps you warm without bulking you up. It’s got massive diagonal hand pockets and a concealed pocket for a cell phone, space blaster or whatever you may want to conceal. It’s also got a chest pocket and a back pocket for items you need to keep secret and secure, but close at hand in case someone loses theirs (think a medic-kit).

The Ridley jacket is perfect for a jog around the park, a spaceflight to the stars, or grappling with space-demons (How do the aliens from Alien see? Has anyone figured out if they have eyes or not?). Available in Grey or Black, you can either choose to fight those xenomorphs, or look as sleek and aerodynamic as one of them to try your best at blending in without getting eaten.

Pick up your own Ridley jacket here – on sale for a limited time for $130 down from $200.