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Spotlight: Get Mad in Our Mads Jacket

by Jen Doan |

Uppercut a tornado, ride a shark, or make kissy faces at Ving Rhames’ wife and let him catch you – if you’re going to get crazy, our Mads jacket is the perfect accessory to go MAD in. Though if you’re mad enough to do any of the previously mentioned, don’t forget to pre-book an Uber to your nearest walk-in clinic. With two different styles to choose from, this jacket is an el chupacabra in a kennel full of purebred Pomeranians.

You don’t need to be juggling machetes to see that the Mads is streamlined, defined, and sharp – cut through mediocrity with this slim fitting jacket. Typically jackets like this come with too many pockets, too many zippers, and too much hassle. Mads lines you up for a power play every time.

We’ve got two types – the classic Mads, and the Mads Light. The original Mads rocks a bonded Polartec fleece lining to keep you from turning into a yeti in the cold, allowing to you to look more like Yukon Cornelius instead of a disheveled abominable snowperson. It’s midweight, softshell material keeps its shape, looking like it was chiseled from marble – without any of the stiffness you’d expect from a multi-use jacket. It’s good in the rain, but breezy enough to grab during those late-night campfire evenings under the stars.

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And when warmth starts beaming down from space, we’ve got Mads Light to keep you looking like you had your own personal stylist. This isn’t a New Coke situation though – and our light version is far from being diet. Mads Light is a stretchy even lighter version of our jacket, for pretty much anything; a quick run, going to the office, or browsing /r/madlads on the commute to work.

As with the rest of our clothing, all our Mads jackets are proudly manufactured in Vancouver, British Columbia. And if this jacket can handle the weather of a boreal rainforest, you can bet it can handle any kind of weather you try to sling at it. The postal service has nothing on our Mads, because it’s got you covered in sunshine, hail, rain, sleet, or snow.

Wear Mads through anything – the wind and water resistant material used to create each Mads/Mads Light, make it a choice you can count on to take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’. As any evil supervillain will tell you, madness is often confused with genius – avoid confusion and throw some method into your madness with Mads.

Check out our upcoming Kickstarter for great deals on our new styles!