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Advance Your Style with Pocket Squares - An Accessory To Keep In Your Corner

by Alex Sinanan |

Tags: tall guy style, tall men's clothing

Pocket Squares? Are we still talking about those? The answer is yes.

The pocket square is too often confused with some kind of stylish napkin, as opposed to being considered a final piece of an outfit’s fabricated finesse, as it should be.

Done right, the pocket square can be a great piece of contrast, or provide that little bit of colour to make your teeth sparkle and the colour in your eyes to pop. Below you’ll find all the relevant info we’ve got on how to use one of these noble squares to accessorize for either an evening patio sesh, or to cater to this year’s wedding season.

What is a pocket square anyway?

What’s the diff between it and a handkerchief? Traditionally, the pocket square is a piece of fabric that sits in your breast pocket – not to be used for bats caught in your belfry (we’re talking snot here), simply for style. The handkerchief, or tissue or whatever else you’ve got, is for stuff like that. That one goes in your hip pocket and should remain invisible at all times.

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How do I wear this thing?

Pocket squares should be worn with a kind of “I woke up and just threw this in my pocket” attitude, but made with a fine enough textile that you could dab champagne off a countesses’ dress. But don’t do that since that goes against the previous info, unless there’s a good chance you’ll get some land out of it.

Alright I'm sold. What kind of square should I wear?

Pocket squares should be made of a nice material. Usually cotton, linen, or silk will do the trick. It’s supposed to be clean too – no tie-dye pocket squares unless you’ve got a puka shell necklace and a sweet pair of Tevas to go with them.

They can be worn as part of a casual dress ensemble, or alternatively you can try to bring them into the day-to-day wear by tucking one into your best Hawaiian shirt. Pair it with a hat and some casual shorts, and you’ll look like a million bucks even though you’re sippin’ drinks during happy hour.

We don’t have pocket squares yet, but there’s a huge assortment available through the internet. What we can offer is some ideas on how to fold them by clicking here. And, if pocket squares aren't your jam, you can always layer up with a hoodie – we’ve got those for whenever you need them.